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What's New

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Updates to my Street Fighter Rules will not appear here. Each section has the date it was last updated. Everything else though, (links, fanfictions, other people's rules I'm hosting, etc.), will be here.

Added another fight mst3k to my fanfic page.
I bet you thought I was dead. Nope I'm still very much among the living, I've just been doing all the mini-updated (also known as maintenance) that didn't warrent being mentioned here, until today. I ran across a few old fanfic sniplets and decided to create a Challenge category for them on my fanfic page.
Translocated (much cooler than 'moved') my webpages to workspot. In case you're wondering, the new site for my SF:STG net game is now at http://www.workspot.net/~staredown/game.
Wow, that was a long time between updates. Actually, I've been updating all along, they've just been really minor ones, not worth mentioning here, but finally I did something of note: I updated a link that had moved on me to Street Fighter the Storytelling Game - English

Also, if you're interested, you can checkout the game I'm writing at workspot. It will be a completely javascript game that runns on the SF:STG engine.

YAHOO!! My first update of the new millenium! (And don't bother trying to tell me that it doesn't start until next year, if Kami-sama herself, Lina Inverse says the new millenium started last January first, then it did. So there!) I joined the Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game Ring of Champions webring
Changed my navigation bars to javascript. Normaly, this is the type of change that I wouldn't bother report, but since there's a slim chance your browser doesn't read JavaScript, I decided to tell you where my navigation bars went. Also slightly modified my last update javascript.
Added a link to the Thrash Mailing list and The Thrash Unsubscribe procedure to my Thrash page.
HOLY HELL!! I ACTUALLY DID AN UPDATE! Created a small fanfic archive
I actually added something (an anime song lyrics category) to my AniManga page. Also added rules for Shields to my Thrash page.
Set up my Thrash Page
Added a last update javascript. Of couse now that means I'll have to give out a little description of what I do everytime I correct a mispelled word, but it's worth it.
Added a new guestbook courtesy of those nice folks at Alxbook
Geocities accout is still up, but only has a redirector page. All stuff successfully moved, including my old guestbook (yeah!).
Geocities/Yahoo disapointed me for the last time. Moved all my geocities stuff to Xoom and will hopefully destroy my geocities account tomorow.
Added The Dogs of War and SF-RPG Intro to my Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game Links.
Added Goutetsu's Street Fighter Role Playing Page to my index page.
Created the XOOM mirror of my GEOCITIES site.
Removed all my SF:STG links from my rpg page. I never updated them anyway and it's a waste of space to have the same info on two pages anyway.
Removed the last updated JavaScript because it doesn't work under Geocities. Ah the path of a web-page designer is fraught with peril.
Added a "last updated" JavaScript for this page What's New and my index page.
Added two more banners for Matt's Home Page in my random image selector (god I love that thing.)
Added two banners for The Labyrinth. Again, you only get one at at time thanks to the magic of JavaScript. Think of it as just another reason to keep on reloading my page over and over again, racking up my counter.
Added Street Fighter Z Dash to my list of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game links.
Added another Haiku to my Haiku page.
Added New Legends to my list of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game links.
Finally added two banners to Matt's Home Page. Also added another random image selector (again in JavaScript) to choose between them. Hey, if they're going to go to all the trouble of making multiple banners, why not use them all (Even if it is only one at a time)
Added a random image selector JavaScript to choose from five cool Thrash buttons.
Added Street Fighter Ultra to my list of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game links.
Added Welcome to Nightfort's RPG/CCG Web Pages to my list of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game links.
Added other fighting game rpg links to my index page
Some minor restructuring of my index page
Added Musashi's Cheesy Home Page to my list of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game links.
Added more fireball rules to my Miscellaneous Stuff chapter.
Finally got around to posting the change to the SF:STG mailing list. (It went automatic)
Added link to Street Fighter Sites on my index page
Added other fighting game rpg links to my index page
Uploaded Lord Rapter's Street Fighter Four Campaign
Created the What's New page
Updated my Bio Page