Streetwise Fighter 4: New Generation

By Lord Rapter

It has been 20 years since the Third World Warrior Tournament. The year is 2017, and the Children and students of the World warriors fight on. Here are their game statistics, short biographical information, information on their appearances, plus the reason they're in the tournament.

Icebox-Boxing-Pugilist-Creates snow on opponent's body

Physical: 4/4/4 Social: 3/1/2 Mental: 2/3/5
Talents: Alertness 3, Insight 4, Intimidation 3, Subterfuge 5
Skills: Blind Fighting 3, Drive 3, Security 3, Stealth 2, Survival 4
Knowledges: Arena 3, Investigation 4, Style Lore 3
Backgrounds: Arena 2, Resources 2
Techniques: Punch 6, Block 5, Grab 3, Athletics 4, Focus 5
Health:20 Chi:10 WP:8
Maneuvers: Fist Sweep, Power Uppercut, Spinning Backfist, Spinning Knuckle, Deflecting Punch, Punch Defense, Brain Cracker, Jump, Kippup, Ice Blast
Combos: Block-Ice Blast-Power Uppercut(Dizzy), Jab-Fist Sweep

Little is known about the 22 year old man known only as Icebox. He is well built, with ice-blue hair and eyes, standing at 5'11" tall. He wears only dark blue shorts and sneakers at all times, while in fighting a thin layer of ice seems to coat his fists. He roams the cold regions of the Earth, having a home in the most Northern wilds of frozen Canada. It is unknown why he has entered the tournament, except to face Titan and win the title of the world's most powerful fighter.

Idol-Ler Drit-Opportunist-Winks to the closest cute girl

Physical: 5/5/5 Social: 6/5/5 Mental: 4/5/4
Talents: Alertness 4,Insight 5,Interrogation 3,Intimidation 4,Streetwise 3,Subterfuge 6
Skills: Blind Fighting 4,Drive 5,Leadership 5,Security 4,Stealth 3,Survival 3
Knowledges: Arena 4,Investigation 3,Linguistics 5,Medicine 3,Mysteries 5,Style Lore 4
Backgrounds: Allies 3, Arena 3, Backing 5, Contacts 5, Fame 2, Resources 5, Sensei 4, Staff 3
Techniques: Punch 5, Kick 5, Block 4, Grab 4, Athletics 5, Focus 7
Health:20 Chi:10 WP:10
Maneuvers: Ducking Fierce, Elbow Smash, Power Uppercut, Double-Hit Kick, Foot Sweep, Dislocate Limb, Throw, Jump, Kippup, Cobra Charm, Mind Control, Mind Reading, Psycho Crusher, Psychokinetic Channeling, Regeneration, Warp
Combos: Block-Psycho Crusher, Dislocate Limb-Throw, Forward-Strong-Elbow Smash(Dizzy)

Idol is a handsome, charming young man at 20 years old, with stylish short black hair and bright blue eyes. He wears red Gi pants, black military boots, and a white tank top that clings to his broad form. He is noticeably more powerful each time he fights, and is also known for his way with women. Much about him is not known, though when people challenge him in a bar or alleyway, the opponent usually dies. What is kept secret from every one is the fact his power is adopted from his deceased father, M. Bison. He is trained by his mother, Lady Death, who was Bison's protege. He is actually secretly gathering forces to bring Shadoloo back to power as its new emperor. It is rumored he has been following Spidra to bring her back to Shadoloo while recruiting other fighters to join his cause, but the truth of this is uncertain.

Mel Masters-Shotokan Karate-Pro Fighter-Backflips and raises arm in victory

Physical: 5/5/5 Social: 4/2/4 Mental: 5/4/4
Talents: Alertness 5,Insight 5,Interrogation 2,Intimidation 3,Streetwise 2,Subterfuge 2
Skills: Blind Fighting 4,Drive 3,Leadership 4,Stealth 4,Survival 4
Knowledges: Arena 4,Computer 3,Investigation 3,Linguistics 4,Medicine 3,Mysteries 4,Style Lore 5
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Arena 3, Contacts 2, Fame 2, Resources 3, Sensei 5
Techniques: Punch 5, Kick 5, Block 5, Grab 5, Athletics 5, Focus 5
Health:20 Chi:8 WP:9
Maneuvers: Dragon Punch, Power Uppercut, Double-Hit Kick, Foot Sweep, Hurricane Kick, Backroll Throw, Hair Throw, Throw, Jump, Fireball, Improved Fireball
Combos: Double Hit Kick-Dragon Punch, Foot Sweep-Improved Fireball

Mel looks a lot like his father Ken. He's 22 years old, measuring at just under 6 feet tall, with short, somewhat scruffy blond hair and blue eyes. He wears jeans and a t-shirt usually, though in a fight he wears a Gi that is white on one side, and red on the other, to pay tribute to Ryu and Ken. He is good looking and well built due to a lifetime of training. Though he looks like his father, he acts a lot like his "Uncle" Ryu, as he is more at peace with himself and shows more control and restraint. He enjoys his training, especially when coached by Ryu, though his father is his official sensei. He has so far maintained a perfect score as he has gone up in rank, and has fallen in love with his childhood friend Naoko. He is there not only to try to win the tournament, but also to keep an eye on Naoko.

Naoko Hoshi-Shotokan Karate/Wu Shu-Student-Crosses her arms and bows

Physical: 5/6/4 Social: 5/3/5 Mental: 4/3/5
Talents: Alertness 3,Insight 3,Intimidation 2,Streetwise 3,Subterfuge 3
Skills: Blind Fighting 2,Drive 4,Stealth 3,Survival 3
Knowledges: Arena 3,Computer 4,Investigation 3,Mysteries 3,Style Lore 4
Backgrounds: Allies 5, Arena 3, Contacts 3, Fame 2, Master 5, Resources 2
Techniques: Punch 6, Kick 6, Block 3, Grab 3, Athletics 5, Focus 2
Health:20 Chi:6 WP:7
Maneuvers: Dragon Punch, Lunging Punch, Power Uppercut, Ax Kick, Backflip Kick, Double Dread Kick, Double-Hit Kick, Lightning Leg, Air Suplex, Suplex, Breakfall, Jump, Kippup, Wall Spring, Musical Accompaniment

At 19 years of age, Naoko has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She stands 5'6" tall, with mid length brown hair and brown eyes. She resembles her mother, Chun Li, much, both in her physical beauty and her excited demeanor. She often wears cut off denim shorts and a pink t-shirt, along with her father's headband. She wears the same outfit in combat, her beauty distracting many male opponents early on in the fight. She has an intensity and zest for life she learned from Ken, though she is as determined and focused on what she is doing as her father. Undefeated, she is quickly shooting up he ranks to join with her boyfriend Mel. She has entered to prove herself in the eyes of her father.


Physical: 4/3/5 Social: 4/2/2 Mental: 5/6/5
Talents: Alertness 3,Insight 4,Interrogation 3,Subterfuge 2
Skills: Blind Fighting 3,Leadership 3
Knowledges: Investigation 4,Law 5,Linguistics 6,Medicine 4,Mysteries 4
Backgrounds: Allies 5, Contacts 5, Fame 3, Master 5, Resources 3
Techniques: Punch 3, Kick 3, Block 4, Grab 4, Athletics 4, Focus 5
Health:8 Chi:7 WP:8
Maneuvers: Brain Cracker, Knife Hand Strike, Slide Kick, Bear Hug, Thigh Press, Throw, Flying Body Spear, Jump, Fireball, Improved Fireball, Regeneration, Yoga Flame, Zen No Mind
Combos: Short-Brain Cracker

A slender, caring young man, he is a UN Delegate and the son of Dhalsim. He is 28 years old, standing over 6 feet tall. He has very short black hair and brown eyes. He is thoughtful and full of ideas, having won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. When he fights in the ring he wears khaki pants and vest that he also uses on operations for the Peace Corps. He street fights when he travels for the same purpose as his father's, to use his winnings to aid the poor and destitute of the region. He follows his father's example by trying to gain extra funds for the poor and destitute.

Rikk Morris-Special Forces Training-Commando-Salutes

Physical: 5/5/5 Social: 2/2/3 Mental: 3/3/3
Talents: Alertness 4,Insight 2,Interrogation 5,Intimidation 5,Search 3,Streetwise 4
Skills: Blind Fighting 2,Demo 3,Drive 4,Leadership 4,Security 5,Survival 2
Knowledges: Investigation 3,Law 5,Style Lore 3
Backgrounds: Allies 3, Backing 5, Resources 3, Sensei 5
Techniques: Punch 5, Kick 5, Block 6, Grab 5, Athletics 4, Focus 2
Health:20 Chi:3 WP:10
Maneuvers: Hyper Fist, Power Uppercut, Shockwave, Spinning Backfist, Spinning Clothesline, Flying Knee Thrust, Foot Sweep, Air Throw, Neck Choke, Pile Driver, Throw, Jump, Kippup
Combos: Short-Pile Driver(Dizzy), Jab-Hyper Fist(Dizzy)

Rick is a 32 year old soldier, an ideal soldier at 6'2" with his black crew cut and green eyes. He dresses in military fatigues at all times, wearing camo pants, a tank top, military boots, and aviator sunglasses. He was instructed by Guile in the ways of combat, honing his skills as a drill sergeant. He takes no crap from anybody and is no-nonsense, he comes across quiet and dignified, because he is feared. He's a real badass, and highly decorated as well. He is here to represent the military, and he seems to have developed a crush on Spidra after having seen her but once.

Spidra-Kung Fu-Frightened Experiment-Spins and dances

Physical: 4/6/5 Social: 2/1/5 Mental: 3/2/4
Talents: Alertness 3,Insight 1,Interrogation 2,Streetwise 2,Subterfuge 3
Skills: Blind Fighting 2,Security 1,Survival 2
Knowledges: Arena 1,Investigation 2,Mysteries 2,Style Lore 2
Backgrounds: Contacts 3, Fame 1, Spider Hybrid 1
Techniques: Punch 5, Kick 5, Block 3, Grab 5, Athletics 5
Health:20 Chi:5 WP:7
Maneuvers: Monkey Grab Punch, Triple Strike, Lightning Leg, Brain Cracker, Knee Basher, Throw, Jump, Kippup, Wall Spring
Combos: Jab-Brain Cracker(Dizzy)

Spidra is an exquisitely beautiful young woman, having the body of a supermodel at 20 years old, with long black hair and green eyes. She is very shy and frightened of many people. The reason comes from how she was made. She is a genetic construct devised by Shadoloo at the end of its animal experimenting. She was created specifically as a stealth warrior, her creators wanting her to have the abilities of a spider while being a human, Instead, when she was a born, she showed no animal powers whatsoever, instead she had 2 pairs each of human arms and legs. She fled to the Streetwise fighter circuit in fear of her creators (whom she escaped) and to survive. She lives in alleys and sewers, no where to lie and with but a friend with whom she would watch fights with. She is very afraid as she is attracted to several other fighters, but fears her form would make them angry at her. She wears the remnants of a pair of jeans and muscle shirt, torn apart from fights and her odd appendages. She finds herself attracted to Rikk, but is scared, not to mention nervous since she has discovered Idol hot on her heels.

Titan-Wrestling/JKD-Champion-Shatters the ground under him with a stomp

Physical: 7/4/7 Social: 4/2/1 Mental: 4/5/4
Talents: Alertness 4,Insight 5,Interrogation 3,Intimidation 6,Streetwise 5
Skills: Blind Fighting 3,Drive 2,Leadership 3,Repair 4,Security 3,Stealth 2,Survival 4
Knowledges: Arena 5,Computer 5,Cyber 5,Linguistics 4,Medicine 5,Mysteries 4,Science 5,Style Lore 5
Backgrounds: Allies 3, Arena 4, Contacts 3, Cybernetics 5, Earth Elemental 5, Fame 4, Resources 4, Staff 5
Techniques: Punch 6, Block 6, Grab 7, Athletics 4, Focus 5
Health:20 Chi:10 WP:10
Maneuvers: Buffalo Punch, Head Butt, Hundred Hand Slap, Power Uppercut, Maka Wara, San He, Air Suplex, Air Throw, Backbreaker, Bear Hug, Brain Cracker, Head Butt Hold, Pile Driver, Siberian Bear Crusher, Siberian Suplex, Spinning Pile Driver, Stomach Pump, Storm Hammer, Suplex, Throw, Air Smash, Breakfall, Jump, Jumping Shoulder Butt, Elemental Skin, Elemental Stride, Sense Element, Stone, Toughskin, Wall, Weight
Combos: Block-Weight-Buffalo Punch, Stone-Siberian Bear Crusher(Dizzy), Jab-Stomach Pump-Storm Hammer(Dizzy), Block-Spinning Pile Driver

Titan is literally a mountain of a man. He stands at a towering 8' tall, his body a brown-gray in color due to the cybernetics and elemental rock power he has harnessed. He was once but scientist working for several organizations. Shadoloo, Gil, the Organization, and such, he put his years of research and findings away and then harnessed them as his former employers' groups fell to heroic street fighters. Now at 50 years of age, he has been the reigning Grand Master for 10 years after gaining the title from Ryu, who has since retried and become a master. He is a good, gentle, noble man, the only things frightening are his visage and his wrath to anyone who greatly angers him. He hopes to find Ryu and beat him in combat, which he feels obligated after simply being given the title without combat.

Additional Maneuver

Warp(Focus) +1S 0D +2M 1 Chi
Works like Yoga Teleport Moves in straight line Avoid Projectile


Ryu Hoshi-Shotokan Karate-Master-Crosses arms, staring into opponent

Physical: 6/6/6 Social: 5/3/4 Mental: 6/6/6
Talents: Alertness 5,Insight 7,Instruct 6,Intimidation 5,Streetwise 4,Subterfuge 4
Skills: Blind Fighting 5,Drive 2,Leadership 5,Security 2,Stealth 5,Survival 5
Knowledges: Arena 6,Computer 1, Investigation 4, Linguistics 3,Medicine 4,Mysteries 6,Style Lore 6
Backgrounds: Allies 5, Arena 5, Contacts 5, Fame 4, Resources 3, Staff 2
Techniques: Punch 6, Kick 6, Block 6, Grab 6, Athletics 6, Focus 6
Health:20 Chi:10 WP:10
Maneuvers: Dragon Punch, Flaming Dragon Punch, Lunging Punch, Power Uppercut, Air Hurricane Kick, Double Dread Kick, Double-Hit Kick, Foot Sweep, Hurricane Kick, Energy Reflection, Maka Wara, Air Throw, Backroll Throw, Throw, Breakfall, Jump, Kippup, Fireball, Flying Fireball, Improved Fireball, Inferno Strike, Psychokinetic Channeling
Combos: Hurricane Kick-Foot Sweep, Jab-Improved Fireball, Short-Short-Short(Dizzy), Improved Fireball-Dragon Punch, Foot Sweep-Lunging Punch

Ryu is now in his mid-fifties, now sporting a short beard and mustache, his slightly long hair slowly graying. He no longer wears his headband, having passed it onto his daughter. He wears a gray Gi when in combat, with red bracers and a black belt. He lives in a magnificent dojo with his wife Chun Li and his daughter Naoko. Ryu has mostly appeared to check on Naoko's progress, plus for a little practice away from the dojo.