Chris Hoffmann's Street Fighter Alpha Conversions


By Chris Hoffmann

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This is my partially completed conversion for Street Fighter Alpha to White Wolf's Street Fighter Storytelling Game. In these files you will find rules for super maneuvers, tech hits, updated stats for Ryu and the Gang, and much more.

What's New as of 5/11/01

Created 8/31/98. A short fanfic prologue for my alpha rules.
Chapter One: Miscellaneous Stuff
Updated 10/27/99. Mortal Kombat style Test Your Might rules added to the bonus rounds section
Chapter Two A: Supers
Updated 9/16/98. Added Adon's Supers
Chapter Two B: Maneuvers
Updated 9/16/98. Added Adon's Maneuvers
Chapter Three: Merits
Updated 11/10/98. Incredible Potential Added
Chapter Four: Flaws
Updated 11/10/98. Large Build and Small Frame Added
Chapter Five A: Updated World Warriors
Created 9/01/98. Broke Up The Fifth Chapter
Chapter Five B: New World Warriors
Updated 9/16/98. Added Adon
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Stuff that I didn't write (but is here anyway)
Shadowmyre's Weapon Style and Maneuvers
Some rules for a totally weapon based style and many weapon rules by shadowmyre
Street Fighter Compendium
Completed conversions for Street Fighter 3 by Street Fighter 3 by Lord Rapter. Includes the new characters and updates for all the street fighters.
Street Fighter 4
A campaign setting that takes place after the third game. Also brought to you by Lord Rapter.
SF:STG Links
Welcome to Ed's Home Page!
Rules for Team battles and Rules for Street Fighter in the Overpower CCG
Street Fighter the Storytelling game - English
A massive update for the twentyfirst century. Now in frames. So much more material, I can't even list it all, with more promised later on.
Scottish Highlander Fighting
The Brawling Style of the Scots
Steve's Street-Fightin' Homepage
MANY house-rules, explanations, and corrections (and that's only one section, what else can I say? CHECK IT OUT!!!) This page is the best SF:STG site on the web, IMO.
Street Fighter Roleplaying Game
Home to the Street Fighter RPG mailing list.
The Street Fighter Dojo
Lots of optional rules including some innovative defense rulings
Matt's Home Page
Maneuvers from Alpha2, EX, and SF3. Not done yet, but who am I to talk? Also a different version of Sanbo
Musashi's Cheesy Home Page
Mostly rants and raves about how awful and munchkin the stuff in the Player's Guide is. A very fun read
Street Fighter: Flames of Vengeance
Temporarily closed
Welcome to Nightfort's RPG/CCG Web Pages
Down for reconstruction.
Street Fighter Ultra
An cool archive for a number of home-made characters and arenas.
New Legends
A campaign setting that takes place shortly after the games. Contains new styles, maneuvers, and backgrounds. The actual rules are in RTF format.
Street Fighter Z Dash
An archive for every white-wolf published maneuver (including the five from the storyteller's screen) and adaptions of moves from King of Fighters. Also give an explanation of the Orochi legend and rules to set it up as a new elemental.
Gotetsu's Street Fighter Role Playing Page
A very good selection of styles and maneuvers
The Dogs of War
New backgrounds, styles, and maneuvers. Plus conversions for the first Mortal Kombat Game and rules for animal companions. One of the best new sites I've found in a long time.
The Final Countdown
A campaign in motion, with a bunch of styles and maneuvers and even a few merits and flaws
Maneuvers, Styles and Characters, from one of the first SF:STG fan sites.
World Warriors Online Beta
An online SF:STG moddled after those dang telnet muds. Playable in your browser.

Other Fighting Game RPGs

But wait, there's more! In addition to the SF:STG, we also have freeware games based on other popular fighting Games

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Konquest
Takes Place during the third tournament on outworld. An interesting direction for this rpg to go.

Street Fighter Fanfiction

Fanfiction can be a great source of ideas, especially when they are very well written. And even if you can't use them (because your players already read them), they're still fun to read.

Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy
Four complete Fanfics
Video Games and Anime Fanfiction:
This page features a Street Fighter/King of Fighters crossover.
Joshua Dyal's Street Fighter Story Index
A completed, 12 part, fanfic
Iron Lich
A fanfic that puts a new spin on the Street Fighter Universe
The Tournament
Has to be read to be believed
When the Light is Revealed Honor Prevails
GPOW: Fiction Vault
Shrine of the Forbidden Technique
Dan's Saikyo Ryu Fanfics and Video Games
Street Fighter's Story
X-FactorZ's New Neo Street Fighter Homepage
Street Kombat
Aerial Maelstrom
Street Fighter Fanfics
A Ranma 1/2 crossover, Amazon Street Fight
Street Fighter: Flames of Vengance

Other Fighting Game Fanfiction

Victar's Tekken and Mortal Kombat Fanfic Archive
One of my favorite fanfic writers.
The Ultimate Tekken Fanfic Archive
A very broad selection of fanfics here, from funny to dark. Like with all archives, your mileage will vary from fanfic to fanfic

Although not at all related to the White Wolf game, there is a set of fictional plans for a Final Fantasy style Street Fighter RPG at Ultima's Ultimate Rambling Page. While it is very unlikely that Capcom will make it or endorse it, it should be noted that there is a Samurai Shodown RPG game in Japan (although it's not in the states yet) and there is also the Mario RPG made by Nintendo and Square Soft, so there is precedent for this kind of game.

I hope you enjoy---

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