Chapter Five B: New Characters

By Chris Hoffmann

Name: AdonStyle: Muay ThaiTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: SagatConcept: Up-start
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Thumbs Down
Strength: 4Charisma: 3Perception: 4
Dexterity: 6Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 5Appearance: 4Wits: 5
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 3Arena: 5
Insight: 5Bookie: 0Computer: 1
Instruction: 3Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 2Disguise: 0Finance: 0
Intimidation: 4Drive: 2Investigation: 2
Manage: 0Leadership: 3Law: 2
Searching: 0Publicist: 0Linguistics: 2
Streetwise: 3Repair: 0Medicine: 5
Subterfuge: 2Security: 1Mysteries: 4
Stealth: 2Science: 0
Allies: 1Survival: 5Style Lore: 5
Arena: 4
Contacts: 3Punch: 5Chi: 8
Fame: 2Kick: 7Willpower: 10
Resources: 1Block: 5Health: 20
Sensei: 5Grab: 4Super Bar: 3
Athletics: 6Division: Freestyle
Glory: 10Focus: 4Rank: 9th
Honor: 7Elbow Smash, Foot Sweep, Power Uppercut, Jaguar Revolver, Jaguar Varied Assault, Wounded Knee, Alpha Counter,
Wins: 92Losses: 5
KOs: 64Draws: 3
Roll, Jump, Air Block, Flying Knee Thrust, Jutting Kick, Leg Toss, Leg Flip, Jaguar Kick, Rising Jaguar (Tiger Knee), Jaguar Tooth
Short-Strong-Roundhouse, (C)Jab-Strong-(C)Roundhouse, Short-Strong-Jaguar Varied Assault, (J)Roundhouse-(C)Strong-Rising Jaguar, (J)Roundhouse-Strong-Fierce, (J)Roundhouse-Strong-Jaguar Varied Assault, Strong-Rising Jaguar, (C)Strong-(C)Short-(C)Roundhouse
Quick Reflexes (2), Iron Will, Eternal Clarity (3), Fast Healing, Prestigious Sensei, Overconfident, Driving Goal (Replace Sagat)

Name: BirdieStyle: BrawlingTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: London StreetsConcept: Punk
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Mohawk
Strength: 7Charisma: 2Perception: 3
Dexterity: 3Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 7Appearance: 2Wits: 4
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 1Arena: 3
Insight: 2Bookie: 3Computer: 1
Instruction: 1Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 7Disguise: 0Finance: 0
Intimidation: 7Drive: 2Investigation: 0
Manage: 1Leadership: 0Law: 2
Searching: 3Publicist: 0Linguistics: 0
Streetwise: 6Repair: 1Medicine: 0
Subterfuge: 1Security: 4Mysteries: 2
Stealth: 1Science: 0
Allies: 3Survival: 1Style Lore: 2
Animal Companion: 1
Arena: 1Punch: 6Chi: 6
Contacts: 2Kick: 6Willpower: 9
Fame: 1Block: 3Health: 20
Resources: 1Grab: 6Super Bar: 3
Athletics: 4Division: Freestyle
Glory: 8Focus: 3Rank: 9th
Honor: 1Chain: 6Air Smash, Headbutt, Chain Toss
Wins: 82Losses: 5Bull Head, Bull Horn, Murder
KOs: 59Draws: 1Chain, Alpha Counter, Roll,
Jump, Hammer Blow, Foot Sweep, Power Uppercut, Headbutt Hold, Bull Revenger, The Birdie, Air Block
Short-(C)Strong-Hammer Blow, Short-(C)Strong-Foot Sweep, Short-(C)Fierce-Bull Horn, (J)Roundhouse-Strong-Foot Sweep, (J)Roundhouse-Short-Hammer Blow, (J)Roundhouse-(C)Strong-The Birdie, Roundhouse-(C)Roundhouse, Short-Murderer Chain, Air Smash-Chain Toss
Huge Size, Common Sense, Self-Confident, Brawling, Notoriety

Name: CharlieStyle: Special ForcesTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: US. MilitaryConcept: Soldier
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Huge Forelock
Strength: 5Charisma: 3Perception: 5
Dexterity: 5Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 5
Stamina: 5Appearance: 5Wits: 5
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 3Arena: 4
Insight: 3Bookie: 3Computer: 5
Instruction: 2Demolitions: 3Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 3Disguise: 2Finance: 0
Intimidation: 3Drive: 4Investigation: 4
Manage: 1Leadership: 3Law: 5
Searching: 4Publicist: 0Linguistics: 2
Streetwise: 2Repair: 3Medicine: 3
Subterfuge: 2Security: 5Mysteries: 2
Stealth: 5Science: 5
Allies: 2Survival: 5Style Lore: 5
Arena: 3
Backing: 5Punch: 5Chi: 9
Contacts: 4Kick: 5Willpower: 8
Resources: 1Block: 6Health: 20
Grab: 5Super Bar: 3
Glory: 7Athletics: 6Division: Freestyle
Honor: 9Focus: 5Rank: 9th
Wins: 63Losses: 4Spinning Backfist, Hop Kick
KOs: 50Draws: 3Suplex, Knee Basher, Air
Suplex, Jump, Kippup, Power Uppercut, Alpha Counter, Flash Kick, Sonic Boom, Somersault Justice, Cross-Fire Blitz, Air Block, Sonic Break, Roll, Jumping Sobat
(J)Roundhouse-(C)Strong-Flashkick, (J)Roundhouse-(C)Strong-Somersault Justice, (J)Fierce-Strong-Fierce, (C)Jab-Strong-(C)Roundhouse, Sonic Boom-Hop Kick, (C)Short-Strong-(C)Roundhouse, (C)Short-(C)Strong-Crossfire Blitz, (C)Jab-Strong-Spinning Backfist
Fighter Jock, Code of Honor, Jack of all Trades, The Power (Sound), Enemy (Shadoloo)

Name: GuyStyle: BushinTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: Zeku's DojoConcept: Reformed Barbarian
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Turns his back
Strength: 5Charisma: 2Perception: 3
Dexterity: 5Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 5
Stamina: 5Appearance: 5Wits: 5
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 4Arena: 4
Insight: 3Bookie: 0Computer: 2
Instruction: 5Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 4Disguise: 0Finance: 0
Intimidation: 5Drive: 2Investigation: 0
Manage: 0Leadership: 2Law: 1
Searching: 2Publicist: 0Linguistics: 2
Streetwise: 4Repair: 0Medicine: 3
Subterfuge: 3Security: 4Mysteries: 3
Stealth: 4Science: 0
Allies: 2Survival: 4Style Lore: 5
Arena: 3
Contacts: 5Punch: 6Chi: 8
Fame: 5Kick: 6Willpower: 10
Manager: 2Block: 5Health: 20
Sensei: 5Grab: 4Super Bar: 3
Athletics: 7Division: Freestyle
Glory: 7Focus: 5Rank: 9th
Honor: 9Wins: 81Losses: 7
KOs: 75Draws: 0Kippup, Air Block, Roll,
Alpha Counter, Jump, Bushin Dash, Bushin Dash Slide, Air Throw, Hurricane Kick, Air Elbow, Bushin Dash Crescent Kick, Bushin Strong Thunder Kick, Bushin Eight Double Fist, Suplex, Bushin Air Throw, Air Suplex, Foot Sweep, Backflip Kick, Neck Shatterer, Wall-Spring
(C)Fierce-Hurricane Kick, Knee Bash Hold-Bushin Eight Double Fist, Bushin Air Throw-Bushin Eight Double Fist, (C)Roundhouse-(C)Roundhouse, (J)Fierce-Backflip Kick, (J)Forward-Forward-Hurricane Kick, Air Elbow-Throw
Code of Honor, Notoriety, Prestigious Sensei, Air Dominance (2), Driving Goal

Name: SodomStyle: Ni-Jihan DesuTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: Metro City StreetsConcept: Japanese Wanabe
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Bows
Strength: 6Charisma: 4Perception: 3
Dexterity: 4Manipulation: 2Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 6Appearance: 2Wits: 5
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 3Arena: 5
Insight: 4Bookie: 1Computer: 0
Instruction: 2Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 3Disguise: 1Finance: 0
Intimidation: 7Drive: 2Investigation: 2
Manage: 0Leadership: 4Law: 2
Searching: 3Publicist: 0Linguistics: 0*
Streetwise: 6Repair: 1Medicine: 2
Subterfuge: 3Security: 4Mysteries: 3
Stealth: 2Science: 0
Allies: 5Survival: 2Style Lore: 2
Arena: 2
Contacts: 5Jitte: 6Chi: 7
Fame: 1Kick: 4Willpower: 9
Resources: 1Block: 5Health: 20
Grab: 6Super Bar: 3
Glory: 8Athletics: 4Division: Freestyle
Honor: 6Focus: 4Rank: 9th
Wins: 72Losses: 5Throw, Jump, Slide Kick,
KOs: 55Draws: 2Alpha Counter, Tengu Walking,
Punch Defense, Grappling Defense, Breakfall, Kippup, Stunning Shout, Uppercut, Power Stab, Tendon Cut, Riptose, Roll, Super Roll, Jigoku Scrape, Butsumetsu Buster, Daikyo Burning, Super Rushing Jigoku, Omega Slam
Jab-Strong-Fierce, Short-Forward-(C)Roundhouse, Roundhouse-Roundhouse-Jigoku Scrape(D), Throw-Super Rushing Jigoku, Short-Short-Butsumetsu Buster, (J)Fierce-Butsumetsu Buster, (J)Fierce-Roundhouse-Jigoku Scrape
Huge Size, Code of Honor, Eternal Clarity (3), Ambidextrous, Underworld Ties, Slow Reflexes (2), Vengeance (Guy), Babel Curse

* Sodom believes that he is fluent in Japanese, but his actual skill leaves something to be desired.

I hope you enjoy---
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