Chapter Five: Character Updates

By Chris Hoffmann

Name: Chun-LiStyle: Wu ShuTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: AcrobaticsConcept: Detective
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Spiked Bracelets
Strength: 5Charisma: 4Perception: 4
Dexterity: 7Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 5Appearance: 5Wits: 4
Alertness: 4Blind Fighting: 3Arena: 2
Insight: 2Bookie: 2Computer: 3
Instruction: 3Demolitions: 3Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 3Disguise: 3Finance: 1
Intimidation: 3Drive: 3Investigation: 5
Manage: 1Leadership: 2Law: 5
Searching: 5Publicist: 1Linguistics: 3
Streetwise: 4Repair: 1Medicine: 3
Subterfuge: 4Security: 4Mysteries: 2
Stealth: 4Science: 0
Arena: 2Survival: 1Style Lore: 4
Backing: 3
Contacts: 5Punch: 5Chi: 7
Fame: 3Kick: 7Willpower: 8
Manager: 3Block: 5Health: 20
Resources: 3Grab: 4Super Bar: 3
Sensei: 3Athletics: 6Division: Traditional
Focus: 5Rank: 10th
Glory: 8Wins: 74Losses: 3
Honor: 9KOs: 67Draws: 1
Back Flip Kick, Forward Flip Knee, Lightning Leg, Whirlwind Kick, Throw, Air Throw, Flying Heel Stomp, Jump, Wall Spring, Fireball, Roll, Alpha Counter, Air Block, Flying Thrust Kick, Force Palm, Brave Mountain Rising Heaven Kick, Thousand Burst Kick, Kippup, Great Wall of China
Strong-Fierce(D), Fireball-(J)Roundhouse-Strong, (J)Forward-Lightning Leg(D), (C)Short-Strong-Fierce, (L)Short-Strong-Fireball, Forward Flip Knee-Flying Thrust Kick, Fireball-Alpha Counter, Flying Heel Stomp-Roundhouse-Flying Thrust Kick, Flying Heel Stomp-Flying Heel Stomp-Flying Heel Stomp, (J)Strong-Strong-Lightning Leg, Force Palm-Brave Mountain Rising Heaven Kick, (C)Short-(C)Strong-(C)Roundhouse, (J)Forward-Forward Flip Knee-Force Palm, (C)Short-Strong-Lightning Leg
Quick Reflexes (4), Code of Honor, Light Sleeper, Iron Will, Driving Goal, Danger Sense, Prestigious Sensei, Police Ties

Name: KenStyle: Shotokan KarateTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: Goken's DojoConcept: Playboy
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Victory Sign
Strength: 5Charisma: 3Perception: 4
Dexterity: 5Manipulation: 5Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 5Appearance: 5Wits: 4
Alertness: 3Blind Fighting: 4Arena: 2
Insight: 1Bookie: 4Computer: 3
Instruction:3Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 2Disguise: 0Finance: 3
Intimidation: 5Drive: 4Investigation: 2
Manage: 4Leadership: 2Law: 3
Searching: 1Publicist: 3Linguistics: 1
Streetwise: 3Repair: 1Medicine: 2
Subterfuge: 3Security: 2Mysteries: 3
Stealth: 3Science: 0
Allies: 4Survival: 1Style Lore: 4
Arena: 3
Contacts: 5Punch: 6Chi: 9
Fame: 4Kick: 6Willpower: 9
Resources: 4Block: 5Health: 20
Sensei: 5Grab: 4Super Bar: 3
Athletics: 4Division: Freestyle
Glory: 10Focus: 5Rank: 10th
Honor: 8Wins: 105Losses: 1
KOs: 91Draws: 0Dragon Punch, Flaming Dragon
Punch, Power Uppercut, Foot Sweep, Backroll Throw, Throw, Hurricane Kick, Air Hurricane Kick, Fireball, Jump, Kippup, Roll, Alpha Counter, Air Block, Lightning Heel, Knee Basher, Violent Rising Dragon Wave, Dragon God Fist
Fireball-Flaming Dragon Punch, (J)Fierce-Strong-Flaming Dragon Punch(D), Hurricane Kick-Foot Sweep, (C)Short-(C)Short-Hurricane Kick, (C)Short-(C)Fierce-Violent Rising Dragon Wave, (C)Fierce-Dragon God Fist, (C)Forward-(C)Forward-Violent Rising Dragon Wave, Air Hurricane Kick-Fierce-Hurricane Kick
Code of Honor, Air Dominant (3), Eternal Clarity (3), Self-Confident

Name: RyuStyle: Shotokan KarateTeam: None
Player: NoneSchool: Goken's DojoConcept: Student
Chronicle: NoneStable: NoneSignature: Raw Determination
Strength: 5Charisma: 5Perception: 5
Dexterity: 5Manipulation: 3Intelligence: 5
Stamina: 5Appearance: 4Wits: 5
Alertness: 5Blind Fighting: 5Arena: 5
Insight: 5Bookie: 0Computer: 1
Instruction: 4Demolitions: 0Cybernetics: 0
Interrogation: 0Disguise: 0Finance: 0
Intimidation: 4Drive: 2Investigation: 1
Manage: 2Leadership: 5Law: 0
Searching: 1Publicist: 0Linguistics: 2
Streetwise: 3Repair: 1Medicine: 3
Subterfuge: 2Security: 2Mysteries: 4
Stealth: 3Science: 0
Allies: 2Survival: 3Style Lore: 5
Arena: 4
Contacts: 3Punch: 6Chi: 10
Fame: 3Kick: 6Willpower: 10
Sensei: 5Block: 5Health: 20
Grab: 4Super Bar: 3
Glory: 8Athletics: 4Division: Freestyle
Honor: 10Focus: 6Rank: 10th
Wins: 102Losses: 0Dragon Punch, Power Uppercut,
KOs: 88Draws: 1Foot Sweep, Back Roll Throw,
Throw, Hurricane Kick, Air Hurricane Kick, Fire Ball, Improved Fireball, Jump, Alpha Counter, Roll, Air Block, Lunge Punch, Hop Kick, Kippup, Repeating Fireball, Super Hurricane Kick, Kippup
(C)Jab-(C)Forward-Fierce, Short-forward-Improved Fireball, (C)Short-(C)Fierce-Repeating Fireball, (C)Short-(C)Forward-Hurricane Kick, (C)Forward-(C)Forward-Repeating Fireball, (C)Fierce-Super Hurricane Kick, Air Hurricane Kick-Super Hurricane Kick, Air Hurricane Kick-(J)Strong, (J)Strong-(J)Strong, Hop Kick-Back Roll Throw, Hurricane Kick-Foot Sweep, Jab-Improved Fireball(D), Short-Short-Short(D), Improved Fireball-Dragon Punch
Fast Learner, Code of Honor, Air Dominance (4), Iron Will, Reputation, Higher Purpose

I hope you enjoy---
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